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Survey for class...

If I can get some responses for the following questions for a survey we are holding for my one class I would much appreciate it.
Please reply with anonymous comments with your answers if you would like to participate. 

Are you a male or female?
Whats you year in college? Senior, junior, sophomore or freshmen?

Democrat or Republican?

    Are you registered to vote:                          YES?             NO?

    Do you plan to vote in 2008 Presidential Election:   YES?             NO?

If the election was held tomorrow, who would you vote for: ______________________________

How old are you: ___________                     Major:__________________________________

1.    Name one of two U.S. senators:____________________________________________________

2.    Name the Sec. of State/Defense:
                   Secretary of State:____________________________________________

                Secretary of Defense:__________________________________________

3.    What does NATO for:_______________________________________________________________

4.    What does IMF stand for:__________________________________________________________

5.    According to the Constitution, to run for President does a candidate need to be American born? And what is the age requirement:


6.    What is the total number of representatives in Congress:__________________________

7.    Name 2 presidential candidates for the Democratic Party other than Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama and 2 presidential candidates for the Republican Party other than Rudy Giuliani and John McCain:

    Democratic: 1._________________________________ 2._______________________________

    Republican: 1._________________________________ 2._______________________________

8.    How many presidents have we had: _________________________________________________

9.    How long is the appointment of Supreme Court Justice:_____________________________

10.    How long can a president serve under the Constitution:____________________________

11.    Who did we fight in the Cold War:_________________________________________________
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