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To all you 5th year resident students


As you may, or may not know, ResLife is continuing their never ending quest to screw the students living on campus at good ole' MSU. I've been emailing one of the higher-ups at ResLife because I heard that they are trying make all 5th year resident students live in the frigging Hotel. This was the latest e-mail she sent to me:

"Just like last
year, all 5th year students will only be able to select the Hotel as a
housing option within our housing system. Unfortunately we are no
longer able to accommodate all that want and need housing each year.
Thus, last year we were forced to make some changes to our process.
Among those changes were the following:

1. Current commuter students had to wait until all resident students
selected spaces.
2. All 5th year students are restricted to selecting the Hotel"

I'm stuck here for a 5th year because of the teacher education program, and they want to stick me in the Hotel? F*ck that! I know some of you on here are 5th year, if you've found some way around this, how did you do it? If you need to combat this problem still, we should go to ResLife is hoards and demand great justice for us 5th year seniors :)
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I don't think they should be putting the 5th year seniors in a hotel, I think they should be kicking you out of housing all together. Get an apartment off campus, it's cheaper.
Just like last year, all 5th year students will only be able to select the Hotel as a housing option within our housing system.

Wait a minute, I thought fifth years were allowed traditional housing that wasn't hotel last year?

I mean, granted, they don't have housing at all for grad students (as far as I know) so this probably isn't going to effect me, but still...this seems a little off.

Also, Matt, your icon is hyp-mo-tizing.
They do have Grad housing, although Grads are only allowed to live in the village. There's actually a floor dedicated to primarily Grad Students.
You need a 4th year to pull you in.
It's been the policy for 2 years now that fifth year students do not get housing on campus. You cannot be pulled in by a 4th year, either. The only way you can is if you're in a legitimate 5 year major like music education and you have a letter from the head of your department. Even then you can get shot down.
i had at least 3 friends have to leave campus because they were 5th years. the policy is fucking retarded.