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Montcair State Citadel

So today there was a threat against campus. MSC pulled out all the stops to keep the campus safe. Here's a look at how my day has been so far.

Heres me leaving the apartment. I have my gym bag and backpack, along with my camera and headphones. I hope the cops don't think my gym shorts are deadly weapons.


Next I walked down Clove Road and onto campus. Heres some cops keeping the Child Care center safe.


No one at the Village or Clove Road though. That makes me feel safe.


Here I am past Checkpoint Charlie The Clove Road Entrance. Nobody checked either of my bags, just an ID flash. I say ID flash because they weren't checking anything. It's just a piece of plastic. A piece of plastic that all the alumni keep after they graduate. Again, an overwhelming sense of security.


After that, I walked down to Quinn road to take more pics. Here's the snipers on top of Bohn.


Here's Police HQ in lot 22.


There wasn't much going on at the Quinn road entrance, so I walked north up Valley road. When I walked back onto campus at freeman, I got ID flashed again. This officer on the left was the only person who looked through my bags all day. I just had my camera bag then.


But, then when I walked down to the Newman Catholic center, this is what I found.


NOTHING! I was literally walking onto campus, no bag check, no ID flash. I even walked past these officers, right near the top of the walkway. They didn't even ask to see anything.


After that I decided to see how well the President's house was guarded. She makes more money that G.W. Bush you know, and he has the secret service. I'm sure her house had to be on extra lock down.


NOPE! Then I went and took a look at the Montclair Heights train station. Surely, there must be a police presence there.


Sadly no, but wait, whats this? I walked across the street and back onto campus. No cops?


This patrol vehicle saw me, didn't stop.


As did these guys.


So for the second time today, I've walked onto a locked down campus, with no ID flash or bag check. After that, I decided it was time to work my way back to the office. I went up to the top of the Red Hawk Deck. This officer from WPU stopped me and said no one was allowed on 8. apparently 7 is ok though.


Can you see the snipers in this picture?


Here they are!


And to perfectly capture the mood of the day, My roommate Dan...


..Wearing a bullseye.

Heres some bonus pics to make you feel extra safe.


And my favorite. The kid in blue was wearing a Seton Hall shirt. Obviously a terrorist.


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