Elyse Explosion (elyse) wrote in montclair_state,
Elyse Explosion

I don't know if there are any World/Inferno Friendship Society fans here, but I just found out that the band will be putting on three shows at Kasser Theater on September 19 and 20 (1 on the 19th and 2 on the 20th).

Since it's a Peak Performances production, tickets should be free for students, and $15 for non-students.

http://www.peakperfs.org/performances/World_Inferno for more information!

Also, e-mails about parking were sent out today. Looks like it's $265 to park in the transit deck, $150 for surface lots, $200 for residents, and $275 for the Red Hawk Deck.

Transit permits go on sale on Monday, August 11.
Surface Lot permits go on sale Wednesday, August 13.
RHD permits start sale on the 18th.
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