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Room for Rent

Room for Rent in a 4 bedroom house in Clifton (5 minute drive to Montclair State Univ.)
Rent: $320/mo after split 4 ways.
Deposit: month & half's rent (about $480)(so basically it is like $800 to move in as you would be paying your first months rent as well... depending on the date you move in)
Utilities: PSE&G in the winter highest is about $80 each person, internet is about $10 per person (Verizon FIOS).
Close to NJ Transit both local and NYC buses.
Close to shopping center (we are located on the street behind Big Lots on 46W.)
No Pets per our lease.
Moderately clean.
Room is on second floor.
At current moment, there is no smoking in the house but that will be changing in about a month and smoking will be allowed in bedroom but not common rooms.
Not too big on parties yet at the same time, we don't mind if you brought friends over and stayed in the living room (especially me since I am downstairs and can hear everything that goes on in the living room... nothing bothers me).

This house is a very open-minded house and we respect everyone, that is all we ask of the person (well that and pay bills on time).

If there are any questions, you can comment to this post or email DarkMindedPromotions@gmail.com
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